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Webpages Pagebuilder

  •  Creating a New Webpage (Pagebuilder)

    When creating a new webpage, remember these three steps:

    1. Create the HTML content of the webpage first
    2. Create the Layout of the page
    3. Add the HTML Content to the Layout.

    Hint: Think of Layouts as the actual web pages of the Seattle University website and HTML content as text to go on top of it.

    Here’s how to do this (video has no sound):

    Directions in detail:

    Phase 1: Creating Content

    1. Go to your department’s folder in the Workarea.
    2. Find the Content folder. If your department's site has multiple sections, the Content folder will have multiple subfolders to correspond with these sections. Choose a folder/subfolder that contains similar content.  
    3. From the New menu, choose HTML content.  
    4. In the Title field, type the name of the content. Title should be brief but descriptive. 
      Example: Upcoming events
      1. Example:  text, and pictures (optional). Then Publish.
    5. In the Workarea, go to your Layouts folder.  
    6. In the New menu, choose Page Layout.
    7. Choose the type of layout you want. Click Next.
    8. Give the page a title.
    9. Write down the last half of the web address in the text box next to the word Alias.  This is what is known as Aliasing.


      For example, I am creating a layout (aka page) for a new faculty webpage for the Zoology department.  I want the real web address to be  Therefore in the Alias text box, I will write zoology/faculty.  Since all web pages in the Seattle University website have in their URLs, there is no need to write this part out.


    10. Click Next.  Then, click Finish.  Then click OK.
    11. Go to the File menu at the top and choose Edit.
    12. Click the blue arrows at the top middle of the screen (one is facing up and the other is facing down).
    13. Drag the Content Block widget onto the section of the page you want your text to be located.
    14. Hover your mouse over the top right of the content block and click the pencil icon that appears.
    15. Double-click the name of the HTML content you just created.  Your content should now be in that section.
    16. Go back to the File menu and choose Publish.