CMS Training


  • Sub Menus

    Sub menus are secondary menu items, usually indented, underneath regular menu items.  Step 1: LOGIN on the left side of this page is an example of a sub menu.


     How to Create a Sub-Menu

    1. Go the Workarea via the silver bullet.
    2. Click on your department’s folder.
    3. Go to the View menu. Click Menu.
    4. Click on the name of your department’s menu.
    5. Click the Add Items button.
    6. Click the Sub Menu radio button. Then, click Next.
    7. Give the Sub menu a title.
    8. OPTIONAL: If you want the top of the submenu to link to a specific page, click the Hyperlink icon next to the URL Link text box, and choose the page in the Layouts folder you want to link to.
    9. Click Save.
    10. Click the Add Items button.
    11. Make sure the Content Item radio button is chosen and then click Next.
    12. Go to the Layouts folder.
    13. Click the checkbox next the pages you want to add to the submenu. Then, click the Add button.
    14.  Your menu should now have a submenu.