Center for Community Engagement
Be a Leader

SUYI Leadership Seminar

  • Are you interested in getting involved with the Seattle University Youth Initiative or learning about the complexities of living and engaging in a diverse neighborhood? The Liberal Studies Program offers a great way to connect with the surrounding community and earn credit too!

    Students who enroll in the SUYI Leadership Seminar will explore both the challenges and assets of our neighborhood while engaging in service and experiential learning activities like immersions, cultural outings, and advocacy events. We will look at interconnected issues of identity, systems of oppression, and current social issues, and will untangle those questions through learning skills of community organizing, critical thinking, and advocacy.

    To enroll, students must register via SUOnline for LBST 112 (winter quarter) and LBST 114 (spring quarter) to earn 2 credits per quarter. The course is run as a sequence, so registration for both quarters is mandatory. At the end of each quarter, students receive a letter grade based on the course criteria.  

    Here's what one student had to say about their experience in the course, "This was an amazing course to take. I learned so much about myself, and strongly feel like this class is essential in teaching SU students in how to properly live out our mission and be leaders for a more just and humane world."

    This course is in a non-traditional format that requires out of class time. Please review the syllabus to determine if this class will be a good fit for you.