Enabling or Disabling Your Course

  • Enabling/Disabling Your Angel Course




    After you request an ANGEL course Web site, you will receive a notification that your ANGEL course is ready. You will be able to enter the course and add content, but your students will not have access until you enable the course. This is usually done near the beginning of the quarter.

    1. Login to ANGEL
    2. Click on the course you want to enable.
    3. Click the 'Manage' Tab
    4. Under Course Settings, Click 'General Course Settings'
    5. Select the "Access" Tab
    6. From the "Member Access" dropdown menu select 'All Members'
    7. Click 'Save'

    Your students should now be able to access your course content. To disable the course again, follow the steps above, but for step 6, select 'Editors Only'.